Live Broadcast Sep 22nd

How to undo stress, do less, and earn more!

Bret and I want to share our story with you and help you learn how we did it, so you can too!

Hosted By

Chalene Johnson

Special Guest

Bret Johnson

I’m scheduling a series of free live broadcasts/Q&A’s to take you through this 3-step process of creating your very own CRAFFL (Crazy, Ridiculous, Amazing, Fun-Filled Life) and blueprinting the steps to achieving your dream life by design.

In this series, I’m sharing how you can…

  • Eliminate distractions and put a fortress around your focus
  • Greatly increase your level of productivity
  • Accomplish MORE by doing LESS
  • Learn how to say “no,” stop being a people pleaser, and stop taking on more than you can handle (without feeling guilty about it)
  • Clear your schedule, so you can spend more time doing what you love with the people you love most
  • Blueprint the path to getting your very own CRAFFL

Most importantly, you’ll discover how you can feel less stress and truly be at peace.

It’s possible! And in this series, I will show you how!

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